B.E.L.L (Basic ELectronics Logics) ​

According to Kuhn, “science is an inherently communal activity which can only be done as part of a community”.The program is aimed at modifying a group of individuals through the scholastic approach. The department provides a versatile atmosphere to the students. The department often takes necessary steps to provide activities for events that occur regularly or have already occurred like BELL. The goal is not to lose any existing knowledge. The department efficiently teaching all available electronic science to achieve a classic success and the students can use it and invest it into new ones.

Teachers Day Celebration -2018

SS College Electronics Association conducted teachers Day celebration on 5th September. The programme was inaugurated by Principal DR. B Padmanabhapillai . The following teachers from various departments are the chief guests.

Ms. Deepa P N , Dpt. Of Computer Science

Ms. Shibi Gopinadh  , Dpt. Of Mathematics

 Ms. Savija Sadasivan  , Dpt. Of Commerce

Ms. Arya Sadasivan , Dpt. Of English

Pradyot 2018 – Electronics Seminar
The Department of Electronics conducted a seminar on 31st July 2018 as  part of seminar week ‘Pradyot 2018’. Dr. Thomaskutty Mathew, Reader, Research Guide in Electronics, STAS  Edappally  was our chief guest and  Resource person.   Dr. Thomaskutty is a post doctoral research associative member in Franco- British Collaborative project. He presented a seminar paper on “ Wireless Communication” . The Following teachers and students presented papers on various topics.

Name                                                                                                                : TOPICS

Mr. SAVIN K V (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics)                            : Micro LED Displays

Ms. TIYA REBA STEPHEN (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics)        : Future of Skin Electronics

P J POOJA (B.Sc. Electronics . 3rd Semester)                                          : Modern Electronics

YADUKRISHNAN (B.Sc. Electronics . 3rd Semester)                                : Trends in Electronics


 BELL - Electro Palooza-2018


Electronics Association  conducted an Electronics Fest and exhibition “Electro palooza 2018’’ in our college from 28th  February ( National science day ) to 1st   March 2018. The following competitions conducted exclusively for the students of our college as part of the event.

  • 1) Science Gaming 3) Fun Gaming                     3) Number Gaming 


  1. Third Eye ( DJ Effect with light and Sound )
  2. Holographic World
  3. Games zone
  4. Innovative Models

BELL – Electro Palooza-2017

The department of electronics and the electronics association organized to experience the world of electronics to the students of swamy saswathikananda college and other neighborhood institutions. The Electronics Fest and Exhibition “Electro Palooza 2017’’ conducted at college campus from January to 18th January 2017. The varieties of “electro palooza 2017” were…


The aim and objective to create such exhibition is to develop and promote the creativity and inquiry quality of our students. Such as basic circuits, the brain of automation likes processors and controllers, and technology of 3d and virtual reality. A separate stall for digital cash management.

1) Basic Electronics Circuits   2) Microprocessor, & Microcontroller Circuits 3) 3D Vision room

4) Virtual reality       5) Digital cash management stall


Competitions :

1) Brain Teasers                              2) Network Gaming

3) Fun gaming                                         4) Number gaming  

5) Electronics Creativity (Special prize)  6) Treasure Hunt