Teacher’s day celebration 2018

Teacher’s day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contribution in a particular field or the community in general .Students of our department celebrated teachers day on 5th sep 2018.Programme began with Principal’s address. Students presented a cultural show to denote their love, respect and recognition of the hard work of teachers. They also entertained teachers by arranging games for them. All teachers enjoyed and appreciated the programme. Students also presented gifts, as a token of respect, to their teachers.  

PRADYOT 2018 -Mathematics Seminar day (1st August 2018)

The department of mathematics organized a one day seminar on 1/8/2018 ,Wednesday as a part of PRADYOT 2018 .The event was coordinated by Mrs.Indu A R ,Assistant professor under the guidance of Mrs. Remya Harikkuttan , HOD Mathematics Department.

        The objective of the seminar was to create awareness among students on different topics on mathematics.

Dr.Boby P Mathew (M.Phill,Ph.D),Assistant Professor St.Thomas College Pala was the first speaker who gave an insightful lecture on infinity.

Mrs.Shibi Gopinath,Assistant Professor gave an informative class on graph coloring.

Student participants also presented different papers on this event. Kavya N Lalu IIIrd year student presented an intresting topic dimensions. Hazeena Babu IInd year student gave an informative class on Vedic Mathematics. Maneesha Sajeevan IIIrd year mathematics also presented an interesting topic Mathematics and arts.

The event was attended by more than 200 students and professors from various departments.The seminar concluded with distribution of certificates amongst all participants. It was a wonderful opportunity for the participants to gain in depth knowledge of various topics on Mathematics

Helping Hand -2018


  “Mathematics association for students and teachers of maths department in our college was established in 2005. Later in 2017 January 20 ,it was named as “MATRIX “ .Matrix –pronounced (may;triks)has a number of special meanings .Matrix is a Latin word for   ..”Womb..”…which means mater or “mother”.Also it has some other meanings such as the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops. Our association contains six qualified and experienced faculties together with a group of talented students . During the naming  ceremony of Matrix  we honored  A+ grade holders of our department


  • The major focus of matrix is improvement of teaching and learning of maths at all levels of education
  • To develop  student’s interest in mathematics and statistics
  • Promoting and exploration of new ideas and possibilities
  • To promote the extracurricular talents of students
  • To ensure unity and co-operation among students


  Campus recruitment and placement cell under the chairmanship of the principal, a committee with a faculty member as the coordinator, undertakes the task of identifying and attracting employers to the campus. Number of companies visit the college every year for campus recruitment. We give proper training for our students to face the campus interview .We are proud to declare that  many of our students could utilize this opportunity  and many of them got placed in their dream companies .

    The department offers “Applicable Mathematics “as its open course which largely helps students who are preparing competitive exams.