1. Students who happen to have no class should not loiter on
the verandahs or in the premises of the class during working
hours. They are expected to do library work during the hours
when they have no work in the classroom.
2. Students are strictly forbidden from entering other classrooms witho
ut getting prior sanction from the Principal or the Teacher – in – Charge
3. Students are forbidden from attending and organizing meetings which are not
previously approved by the Principal, or collecting money for any such
purpose. They should not circulate among the students any notice or petition,
or paste it up anywhere in the college premises without the written permission
of the Principal.
4. Students should always be respectful to their teachers, seniors and supervisors,
polite and courteous to all and should show themselves lovers of decency and
5. Misbehaviors and general neglect of studies and other duties will be
considered as serious offences.
Principal has the authority to dismiss a student who indulges in acts of
indiscipline, disobedience or misconduct, or creates obstructions to peaceful
functioning of the college or sets bad example to other students.
6. Dress Code:- The students should not wear provocative dress. Their dress
must be decent and generally acceptable to the society as suitable for good
and well behaved college students.
Students must wear the type of dress prescribed by the college every year.
7. Students shall strictly obey the rules, regulations and directives issued by the
college authorities to keep up a serene, calm and studious atmosphere
within the campus.
8. Students shall not resort to any kind of activity, which will adversely affect the
general discipline within the campus.
9. No activity – curricular, co-curricular, extra curricular or non-curricular – shall
be carried out within the campus without the prior sanction of the Principal.
10.As per the government order, students are strictly prohibited from using mobile
phones and cameras in the campus.
11.Boys should come to the college with hair properly cropped and face clean
12. Taking part in any political activity by organizing students inside the college
campus shall constitute serious indiscipline.
13. No student of the college shall stage or indulge in any activity like Dharna,
Gherao, obstructing entry to and from any class room, office, hall or other places inside the campus and such activities shall be
treated as misconduct.
14. No student shall shout slogans inside the class rooms,
office or any other place inside the campus , obstruct ,
interfere or cause disturbance and nuisance to the smooth
functioning of the institution.
These activities shall be treated as misconduct.
15. The Principal has the authority to expel any student who
disobeys these rules at any time.
16. A student who is expelled on disciplinary action will have no claim on the
fees, which he has already paid.
Strict Action Against Ragging
Ragging inside or outside the campus, is strictly prohibited. Any student, convicted
of an offence related to ragging will be dismissed from the college and such
student shall be liable for punishment with imprisonment for a term of two years
and fine up Rs. 10,000. He/She will not be admitted in any other educational
institution for a period of 3 years from the date of dismissal.
Ragging means doing any act by disorderly conduct, to a student of an
educational institution, which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological
harm or raising apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to that student
and includes:
i. Teasing, abusing or playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to such student,
ii. Asking a student to do an act or perform something which such student will not,
in the ordinary course, willingly do.
Do not Hesitate to Complain about Ragging
Students and parents can complain about ragging directly to the Principal either in
writing or by calling in any of the following numbers:-
Office 0484 2793636, 9287293536
Mob. 7510959898

1. An identity card will be issued to every student at the time of admission.
2. The students shall affix their own photographs on their identity cards and
produce the same for attestation by the Principal.
3. The cost of the card and photograph will have to be met by the student.
4. The identity cards must be with the students whenever they are in the college
campus and should be produced for inspection by any member of the staff of
the college.
5. If the identity card of a student is lost, a duplicate may be issued at the student’s
expense, with the special permission of the Principal.
6. The identity cards should be returned to the college office when the students
apply for T.C. Applications for T.C. must be accompanied by the identity card.

1. Teachers shall register the attendance of the students at the beginning of each
2. A student who is not in the class when attendance is taken shall be marked
absent. It will however be permissible for the teacher to mark present in the
case of a student coming late, on the merit of the case.
3. The Certificate of Attendance and Progress required for admission to the
University Examination will not ordinarily be issued unless (a) a student has the
minimum of 75% of the attendance prescribed by the college, (b) the student
has completed the course of instructions to the satisfaction of the authorities
and (c) the conduct of the student has been satisfactory.

1. Leave ordinarily should reach the Principal a day before it is required. In case
of sudden illness or other unforeseen reason, applications for leave should
reach him on the next working day.
2. A student requiring leave for a period or a part of a period must apply for it to
the lecturers concerned before the class begins.
3. Absence without leave shall be liable for payment of fine as decided by the
4. Students who are absent without leave for two or more days consecutively shall
submit a written explanation for their absence to the Principal before entering
the class.
5. Leave of absence should not be availed of as a matter of right. Genuine and
acceptable reasons should be furnished.
1. The Library and reading room will be opened from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all
working days.
2. Strict silence, discipline and decorum must be observed in the Library and the reading room.
3. Students shall not damage, write or make any mark on or
inside any book or journal belonging to the college.
4. Application for the issue of library books should be made in
the prescribed form.
5. Reference books will not be lent out to students.
6. Two books for degree students and three books for P.G.
students will be issued at a time from the library according to the
availablity of the books.
7. The reader shall be held responsible for any damage done to books or any
library-property. Before the books are taken out each student should satisfy
himself/herself that the books lent to him/her are in good condition, and if not,
the fact should be brought to the notice of the librarian.
8. If a book or library property is damaged or lost by a member he will have o
replace it or pay three times the cost of it. A greater penalty may be imposed
according to the gravity of the offence.
9. Books issued from the library are to be returned within the prescribed time limit.
10.Books should not be retained for more than fourteen days. They must be
returned on the due date even if the borrower is on leave.
11.Members are not allowed to sub lend the books of the college library.
12.All the books and other property of the college in possession of the student
should be returned before the final examination.
13.Readers desirous of reading the books in the reference section shall enter their
names in the register provided for that purpose and return the book
immediately after use on the same day.