System Administrators & Librarians


  • System administers will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the electronic gadgets and devices in the laboratories, office, departments, auditorium class rooms etc.
  • Shall conduct periodic checks and ensure that all gadgets are in good and proper functioning condition.
  • Shall intimate the authorities regarding any major problems, complaints or shortage of gadgets or equipments.
  • They shall maintain the stock register and movement register  for such gadgets .
  • They shall be at the call of teachers in the laboratories, and the  staff in the office  in case  their assistance is needed.
  • They shall render technical assistance in downloading and printing hall tickets, question papers and also for registering students during admission and examinations.


  • Librarians will be the custodians and responsible for the stock of the books, journals, magazines, and non book materials like CDs, DVDs etc.
  • The librarian shall maintain Accession Register, Issue Register, Periodical Register, Bill Register, Membership Records, Gate Register and Question Paper files.
  • See that the books are classified, numbered and arranged systematically.
  • Maintain an online database for easy access to members and staff.
  • Librarian shall manage the issue, return and renewal of books in a systematic and diligent manner.
  • Shall see to it that the decorum and discipline are maintained in the library.
  • See that the premises are kept clean and tidy and the books are preserved and maintained properly and without getting soiled or damaged.
  • Keep a budget to repair, replace or purchase new reading materials and appraise the authorities.
  • Shall oversee and supervise the Assistant Librarians.